Nonprofit Community Arts & Makerspace in Sebastopol, CA.

Learn a new skill, build cool stuff. Join Chimera Arts & Maker space and receive your 2nd month of membership completely free. Become a member - monthly or yearly, restrictions and rules apply.

Not quite ready to join? Take a class instead , or just make a donation and help us with our mission!

Membership Plans


  • 3 days/month access

  • Membership perks (see below)



  • 10 days/month access

  • Membership perks (see below)



  • Unlimited access

  • Membership perks (see below)


Youth Membership Pricing

Our Youth Membership is offered to youth ages 8-17. Children under eight years-old are restricted to very specific special events, workshops, and staff supervised tours. Youth may become members by being to be added to a parent/legal guardian’s established membership for just $15 per youth member. Adult members with youth add-ons will be entitled to two extra days of use per month, regardless of membership level.

Become a Member:

To sign up: Please stop by the shop, any day of the week except Thursday of Friday, 12 - 6pm, and one of our lovely volunteers will get you started! The whole process takes no more than 30 minutes.

Supporting Membership: Not yet ready to be a full member? Just want to support but don't need access? Consider being a "Supporter" member for just $120/yr and get member discounts and host meetups at Chimera!

All membership plans include:

  • Keycard access to space from 7am-11pm, 7 days a week (including holidays)

  • Tool Reservations- reserve any tool or area ahead of time for up to 2 hours

  • Access to all tools and equipment (with training and sign-off, fees associated)

  • Month-to-month membership, cancel any time

  • Ability to host meetups and classes at Chimera (requires training and signoff)

  • Invitations to member only events

  • 10% discount on select classes and events

  • $10 fee for lost RFID card


What equipment do you have?

Check out our about page for an updated list of our equipment.

How do I get trained on equipment?

We will work with you on scheduling a training for whatever equipment you're interested in learning. Just contact us and let us know what you want to learn! Note: some trainings require fee to cover paying an instructor.

What membership commitment do you require?

At this time, we don’t require any membership commitment though we ask you to give us a heads up if you’re going to cancel.

Are there any other fees?

If you lose your RFID card, it will cost you $10 to replace it.

Can I add extra days to my membership?

If you use up your days for the month, you can purchase an extra day for $15. Please contact to add more days to your membership or use Cobot.

Can I share my membership plan?

We currently do not allow members to share plans; you must have your own plan.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time with no penalty. If you haven't used the space and cancel within the first 3 days of a new month we will refund your money.

If you’d like to cancel your membership, please contact us.

Are there any setup fees

At this point, there are no setup fees to become a member. We may decide to change this in the future if we deem it necessary.

What volunteer commitment are you looking for?

We don’t have a hard requirement on volunteering but we appreciate any help you can give!

Can my kids come?

We love having children at Chimera, but we have some limitations: We only allow membership for people 18 years and up. If you have your kids, you're welcome to bring them down with you provided the following:

  • You are 100% responsible for them; we are not a daycare.

  • Children must remain in the co-working area/ may not enter the wood shop, the metal shop or the jewelry studio, for safety and liability reasons

  • They cannot use any tools or equipment.

  • You must keep an eye on them at all times; a makerspace is not a safe place for exploring children.

  • If you are asked, you may be asked to have your kids leave if staff feel they are causing problems.