Nonprofit Community Arts & Makerspace in Sebastopol, CA.


We are the Maker Community of Sonoma County

Chimera Art Space is a place to unite and empower the Sonoma County creative community. A place where shared resources and workspace provide inspiration and opportunity for all.

We offer a facility, tools, training and community for Sonoma County artists, makers, hackers and inventors. Get involved today!


Hire an Expert

Need help building your next project? Do you want an expert to build something for you?

We have expert laser cutters/engravers, graphic designers, illustrators, coders, 3D printers, carpenters/wood workers, jewelers/metal smiths, metal fabricators and more who can take your ideas and make them a reality!

Want someone to build a piece of furniture for you? Have an electronics project you're stuck on? Need a sign laser cut for your business? Want to 3D print some toys for your kids? Chimera can help!

Email us at today for a free consultation to see how Chimera can help you on your next project!

Electronics & Robotics

We have test equipment, oscilloscopes, power supplies, soldering irons and lots of components for your electronics and robotics projects!

Digital Fabrication

Our shop includes a desktop a large 4'x3' laser cutter, many 3D printers, metal lathe, bandsaw, and other prototyping and design tools!

Jewelry Studio

Make beautiful jewelry and small metal art with our soldering stations, buffing wheels, hydraulic press, kilns and tons of jewelry tools and supplies!

Crafts & Textiles

Come down and use our stained glass equipment, sewing machines, painting and drawing supplies and more!


Work on all types of woodworking projects using our bandsaw, table saw, planer, jointer, drill press, jig saw, and lots of hand tools.

Welding & Metalwork

Make awesome metal projects using our MIG welders, sheet metal break, shears, air compressor, sandblaster, drill press and other metal tools and our 4,000 sq.ft. outside shop space!

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