Nonprofit Community Arts & Makerspace in Sebastopol, CA.

Our Executive Team

Will Bradley Volunteer and Membership Organizer

Will helped create the HeatSync Labs hackerspace in Arizona in 2009, and volunteered on its board and as a member for 5 years. Immediately upon moving to Sonoma County he searched for makerspaces in the area and attended meetups at Chimera, becoming a member in June 2017. He was an IT Manager for 6 years, a Web Developer for 5 and counting, and his first job out of high school was soldering bits of wire together in a garage in Phoenix. His first memories of tinkering involve wiring up the family TV/VCR/receiver after a move without help at age 9, trying (and failing) to resolder computer speakers at age 13 (thanks, Radio Shack manager!), and from an early age both helping his dad with home renovations and learning sewing from his mom.

Tiprin Lujan Class and Meetup Organizer

Ariel Stone Facilities Manager

See Ariel’s bio below.

Our Board of Directors

Joe Szuecs


Joe started his career as an electrical engineer/software developer at Hewlett Packard.  After a decade there, he went off on his own and developed a line of music education software followed by a few years of creating multimedia CD-ROM experiences for major publishers.  That led to him being asked to become EVP of Technology for a dot com startup back when that was the thing to do.  After a few years of that he relocated to bucolic Sonoma County and started exploring the world of hands-on making.  This led to him creating the gallery/retail space Renga Arts that showcased products made from reclaimed and recycled materials.  Along with that, he still managed to engage in software development projects as well as build cool things for the shop.  During this time he became involved with the Maker Faire team and dove into the world of microcontrollers, CNC machines, and creative technologies.  He has created numerous exhibits and installations for Maker Faire Bay Area and the World Maker Faire in NYC over the past decade.

Ariel Stone

Facilities Manager

Ariel started making at a very early age. His dad was a builder so, had material resources to make what I wanted. He didn't always have the tools to make what was wanted so learned to improvise. Scouting gave him the opportunity to get out of the city and achieve an Eagle Scout award. Learned to turn wood on a spring pole treadle lathe, the beginning of a life long passion. Studied marine biology in college. Lived and
worked a year on a Kibbutz in Israel, was the only person in the community who knew how to work with wood. Apprenticed as a journeyman carpenter building custom homes and commercial buildings. Got married raised three kids. Went through the process of licensing to contract my own jobs. Built custom homes for many years. Opened a cabinet shop to create cabinets, furniture and fixtures. Big changes in life began working in the ropes challenge course industry, building, inspecting and facilitating
courses in the USA and abroad. Three kids turned into five grand kids, Wow. Teaching is a way of life for him now and would like to find a pathway to bring people together and share the many skills that he has learned over the years to create a better future for all. Woodworking skills:
Lathe work wood and metal, Cabinetmaking, Furniture design and creating, Milling, Planing and execution.
Breaking through self imposed limitations
FUNN functional understanding not necessary

Dana Woodman


Dana founded Chimera Art Space in early 2012 as a place to bring talented, creative and innovative people in the North Bay together. He has worked as a software consultant and serial entrepreneur for nearly a decade working with companies including Google and Comcast and founding multiple companies. Dana builds interactive art sculptures, furniture, and other artwork using woodworking, metalworking, 3D printing, laser cutting, electrics and CNC machining. He studied fine art at the University of the Pacific and loves traveling, the outdoors and kittens 😸.

You can email Dana at, visit his personal website or his company, Built By BIG.

Jim Wheaton


Jim has worked in the computer software world his whole life. Mostly he concentrates on audio and music applications, having worked as a consultant for many companies and for Yamaha Music Technologies, Mixman Technologies, and most recently, Audible Magic Corp. His own company, Harmonic Systems, Inc. produces software products for fun and profit.

He has lived in Sebastopol for 17 years and is an active bass guitarist. He enjoys fixing old instruments and finding new homes for them, as well as inventing gizmos and gadgets. He very happy to have found a group of smart, creative, and friendly folks who call themselves Chimera.

Nancy Hamiliton

Nancy’s creative background is varied (and perhaps schizophrenic).  She has been a fashion illustrator, graphic designer, writer, art car creator, performance artist, stained glass artist, printmaker, painter, florist, interior designer, sculptor, etc.  

Currently, Nancy is a jeweler, writer, YouTuber, and educator.  She manages an educational, online, jewelry-based business. Nancy also has a YouTube channel that, currently consists of 118 videos (and growing), 41,600+ subscribers and total views of over 3 million. Her Pinterest page has 60,000 + monthly views.  Nancy also teaches metalsmithing classes at Chimera Arts and at other locations.

Nancy graduated with degrees in Anthropology, Interior Design, and Fine Art. She, begrudgingly, returned to college to obtain her Jeweler’s certificate.  Nancy also received certification as a PMC (metal clay) instructor. Before coming to metalsmithing, Nancy was an investigative financial auditor for 20 + years (surprisingly).

Nancy is one of the original Chimera members and supporters and started Chimera’s Jewelry Studio.  Soon joined by Sugar Chuck, she and Sugar fleshed out the department. Nancy was the studio director until she resigned last year (2018), although, she is still actively involved in the management of the studio. Amber Romero is the current director.

Originally from New Jersey, Nancy moved to  California in 1977. She, her husband Kevin Woodman, and her son, Dana Woodman, moved to Santa Rosa in 1994.  She almost moved to Hawaii this past year but, the volcano had other ideas.

Past Board Members

Thanks to our previous board members who have put so much time and energy in to helping Chimera grow and thrive!

  • Kevin Bacon (past Executive Director)

  • Caleb Adam Haye

  • Bryce Dow-Williamson

  • Rob Carey

  • Kelly Brown

  • Gary Weiner

  • Kimberly Mullen

  • Oren Slozberg