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Maker Music Festival Participants


Pet the Tiger

Pet the Tiger is an SF Bay Area inventors collective led by David Samas that plays in a wide variety of idioms exploring new timbral dimensions through extended techniques, new instruments, xenharmonics and fringe acoustic phenomena. Pet the Tiger also hosts workshops teaching instrument building and a popular “Instrument Petting Zoo”. They have performed new commission for at the Asian Art Museum of SF, SF Conservatory of Flowers, Oakland Museum of California, Soundwave and the Market Street Prototyping Festival.

Cheryl E. Leonard

Cheryl E. Leonard is a composer, performer, and instrument-builder whose works investigate sounds, structures, and objects from the natural world. Her projects often feature natural-object instruments and field recordings from remote locales. Leonard has received grants from the NSF’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, American Music Center, American Composers Forum, and ASCAP.  
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Bart Hopkin

Bart Hopkin is director of Experimental Musical Instruments, an organization devoted to unusual musical instruments. In addition to building, teaching and consulting, he has written many books on instruments and their construction, and produced books and CDs featuring the work of innovative instrument makers.  
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Sudhu Tewari

Sudhu Tewari has been called a professional bricoleur, junkyard maven, and young audio-gadgeteer.  Sudhu builds audio electronics, electro-acoustic instruments, kinetic sculpture, interactive installations, wearable sound art, and sound sculpture.  Tewari received an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College in 2002 and a PhD in Cultural Musicology from UC Santa Cruz in 2017. Sudhu Tewari has been teaching electronics and sound art to children and adults since 2009 and continues to build and perform with self-governing musical systems and self-built musical instruments. [ ]

David Samas, director of Pet the Tiger instrument inventors collective, is a composer, curator, conceptual artist, instrument inventor, and social sculptor. A queer, native San Franciscan from mixed immigrant roots, David performed with the SF Boys Chorus, SF Opera and SF Symphony (receiving a GRAMMY, 1994 for best classical recording). He also curates the Window Gallery for Invented Instruments at the Center for New Music and teaches inventing workshops through Thingamajigs (Oakland).

David Samas

Mauro Ffortissimo is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician who has been fully exploring the sonic possibilities of the piano, from the keyboard to the soundboard and everywhere in between for decades.  Mauro attracted worldwide attention to his Sunset Piano performance series.  This led to his current gig, Flower Piano, that takes place in Golden Gate Park’s Botanical Garden every year.  He is also featured in the recent film, 12 Pianos, that chronicles his experiences producing the Sunset Piano performances.  [ ]

Mauro Ffortissimo

Kash Killion is a San Francisco based cellist. He is a visionary musician who stretches the boundaries of what one would expect from string instruments. Kash records and performs with various ethnic music ensembles and chamber orchestras ranging from the Sun Ra Arkestra to Cuban/Salsa bands such as Roberto Borrell y Orquesta La Moderna Tradición to classical music and Indian classical music, and has over a hundred recordings to his credit. Kash has played extensively with musical icons such as B.B. King, Cecil Taylor, John Zorn, Julius Hemphill, Reggie Workman, Sun Ra, Butch Morris, Paul Murphy, Glen Spearman, George Lewis.  [ ]

Kash Killion

Andy Graham is an instrument inventor and performer. His SlapStick™ is an innovative electric percussion instrument that allows anyone with rhythm to create rhythmic bass-lines and other unique percussive melodies.  A number of his inventions have been featured in national magazines, including Modern Drummer.
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Andy Graham

The Hubbub Club includes over twenty volunteer musicians and second-line dancers who make music together in a funky, fun fashion to promote, uplift, and support our local communities. You can find them at local rallies, benefits, farmers markets, town parades, music venues, and just jamming in the street. Described as a cross between a New Orleans marching band and a Fellini movie, our music draws on the traditions of brass bands, street bands, and popular music from around the world. [ ]

The Hubbub Club

Monty Monty is one of the North Bay’s most talented assemblage artists.  His work has amazed and inspired people for decades. Along with his normal work, Monty creates sculptures that are delightful music instruments.  
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Monty Monty

Tyler McCourtney is a Sonoma County musician who performs with his clever DIY drum as the one-man band Banjo Boom Box.  He fuses the spirit of Rock and Roll, the soul of the Blues and the twang of Country Folk to deliver a truly entertaining experience for everyone.  [ ]

Tyler McCourtney

Travis Rinker is a performing guitarist and recording artist of fifteen years who uniquely combines percussive fingerstyle and using a Loop Station, creates ambient, reflective instrumentals. Entering the Rising Stars Music Competition, Travis won First place in the Acoustic Division and Overall, both 2012 and 2016.  
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Travis Rinker

Tobias Roberson is known for his innovative style and improvisational ability on the Middle Eastern Doumbek and Flamenco Cajon.  Performing and teaching for 15 years, he has collaborated with many artists including the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, eastern European vocal Kitka, body percussionist Keith Terry and top belly dance stars including Rachel Brice & The Indigo and Fat Chance Belly Dance.  Tobias is also a member of Chimera Arts where he has been making his own marimbas for teaching children and teens.  [ ]

Tobias Roberson

Colin Foulke is a master of the Handpan, the first new instrument of the 21st Century.  Handpans are made of steel and have 7 to 9 outer notes and one central ‘ding.’ Each note is oval and has beautiful harmonics and overtones.  
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Colin Foulke

Joe Szuecs (pronounced SOOCH) is an engineer, artist and musician.  Over the past decade he has created numerous sonic sculptures that use technology to bring instruments to life.  His latest is Drummer in a Suitcase.  A remote controlled percussion unit housed in a vintage suitcase.  Joe is also the President of the Board of Chimera Arts. [ ]

Joe Szuecs

Jim Wheaton has worked in the computer software world his whole life. Mostly he concentrates on audio and music applications, having worked as a consultant for many companies and for Yamaha Music Technologies, Mixman Technologies, and most recently, Audible Magic Corp. His own company, Harmonic Systems, Inc. produces software products for fun and profit.  His latest project, Responsive LED Instruments will be demonstrated at the event. Jim is also Secretary of the Board of Chimera Arts. [ ]

Jim Wheaton