Nonprofit Community Arts & Makerspace in Sebastopol, CA.

About Chimera

Chimera is Sonoma County's first non-profit community arts and makerspace (or hackerspace), located in downtown Sebastopol at the old Ford Garage building. We're a community of makers, artists, engineers and creatives of all types who love to share, learn and work together. Welcome!

We are located in a 3,000 sq.ft. facility with 4,000 sq.ft. exterior space at 6791 Sebastopol Ave. Suite #180 in downtown Sebastopol. Go to our contact page to find our space and get in touch!

Our facility includes space and tools for electronics, jewelry, 3D printing, laser cutting, metalworking, welding, crafts/textiles, woodworking and more!

Virtual tour when Chimera first opened (note, a lot has changed since this tour was made!)

Virtual tour when Chimera first opened (note, a lot has changed since this tour was made!)


We aim to provide resources, education and community to creative people in Sonoma County and California’s North Bay.


Chimera Arts & Maker Space brings access to equipment, supplies, space and education for artists, makers, hackers, inventors and creative people of all types. We strive to positively influence the arts and maker communities in Sonoma County, California.

Chimera believes that by keeping talented people in the North Bay, Sonoma County will become a more vibrant, modern and competitive region as a whole. We are working to engage with people of all ages to show them new, innovative forms of expression and creation.

We give people new, relevant skills and experience for a changing world by encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.

Chimera is creating a thriving and diverse community of creative people that will have a profound impact on Sonoma County.


For information on our Youth and Minors policies, please download our Youth Membership Policy, or our Minor Liability Waiver.

Tools & Equipment

Below is a list of some of the awesome tools and equipment we have at Chimera:

  • 3D printers – Sainsmart Ender 3, Lulzbot TAZ 3, 1 Printrbot Simple Metals. PLA and ABS.

  • Laser cutter 100 watts, cuts up to 4'x3' and up to 1/2" plastic/wood/leather/paper/fabric

  • Metalworking – CNC mini-mill, metal lathe-mill combo, MIG, TIG, and Oxy-Acetylene welders, plasma cutter, angle grinder, bandsaws, metal brake, drill press

  • Woodworking – CNC Router, table saw, chop saw, wood lathe, bandsaw, jointer, planer, routers, sanders, shaper, drill press, chisels, other hand tools

  • Design software – Fusion 360, and the full Adobe suite including Photoshop and Illustrator and multiple computer work stations

  • Jewelry studio – Soldering and brazing station, rolling mill, flex shafts, ring/bracelet mandrills, dapping and forming tools, pickle pots, many hand tools (hand saws, files, pliers, etc) and a lot more!

  • Electronics lab – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Oscilloscope, soldering iron, power supplies, breadboards, test equipment, spare components

  • Textiles – sewing machines (including for leather, canvas, and denim), knitting and sewing supplies

  • Other craft supplies and tools – stained glass, paint brushes and paint, color pencils and pens, etc

  • Open work tables – Computer monitors, keyboards, mice

  • Fast WiFi, laser printer, office supplies, kitchenette and more...

  • Hand tools, project supplies and more...