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The Soldering Blitz: A class on soldering basics.

New to Chimera: the "Pop-up" Jewelry Class! We are going to be offering a series of short, intensive classes on single jewelry techniques: soldering, sawing, finishing (parts one and two), texturing metal, forming, etc. Check our calendar for upcoming classes!

Ever wanted to learn to solder metal? Need to take your soldering skills out for a little dusting? Want to add to your already, impressive, skills? I recommend joining us for this soldering intensive class. 

The goal isn't to walk out with a finished project but, you can do that if you wish. The end product will be: you soldering much better and with greater confidence. 

In this class, we'll be learning soldering basics: butt, sweat and "T" soldering for base metals, and silver. We'll talk about tanks, torches, ventilation and a host of other related topics.

The class is a 4 hour intensive. Bring your own metal or you can buy a kit, from me, for $19.99. All tools are supplied by Chimera Arts.