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Build a drone (racing quadcopter)

In this introductory meetup, we'll be getting hands on and building a drone. Specifically, we'll be building an F250 FPV Quadcopter Racing Drone. 

When we start the meetup, the components of a drone will be in a box. When we leave, it will (hopefully!) have taken it's first flight. 

This will be a great (and free!) introduction to drones. The bird we will be building has many popular characteristics of modern drones, including an FPV (first-person-view) camera and video transmitter which will allow us to see what the drone sees as it flies. We'll also go through the chore of configuring an RC controller to connect to the drone. But most importantly, we'll be assembling the drone from scratch. 

The kit we'll be assembling costs about $100 from ebay or amazon, and we plan to offer subsequent classes where each participant can build their own drone. However, in this meetup we're only building a single drone.  It's more of a "watch, learn, and discuss" event.  However, we if there are any skilled solderers who want to help, we'd be happy to oblige.

This meetup and subsequent classes will be hosted by 2 DIY drone enthusiasts: Caleb, a Chimera Board Member, and Tyler, a recent Electrical Engineering graduate from SSU.

Come fly with us!