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FARM HACK: Kickoff Day


Sustainable agriculture is built on creativity, innovation and sometimes just a jerry-rigged a stationary bicycle transformed into a low-cost chicken-plucker.

This summer, The Farmers Guild teams up with Chimera Art Space for a Farm Hack, uniting makers, engineers, artists and tinkerers with local farmers to think up--and build solutions to on-farm challenges. Join us!

NOW: Call for submissions! Farmers, do you have an on-farm challenge that could be solved by a clever team of crafty makers? Mobile chicken coop keep getting stuck? Wish you had a better cover-crop roller? Do you dream about the market pop-up tent of the future? Farmers, submit your challenge--makers, sign up to join a hack team--down below at the bottom of this page.

AUGUST 2: Maker teams assemble at the Chimera Arts Space to select projects, meet the farmers and begin to brainstorm their game plan.

AUGUST 17: Maker day! Chimera Arts Space opens their doors for a full afternoon of open studio space, in-person collaboration, welding, drilling, hard-wiring and more.

SEPT 17: At this year's 3rd Annual Farmers Olympics at the Petaluma Fairgrounds, teams will present their final projects to a team of judges, vying for the gold medal and showing off their ingenuity.