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Bike Building and Modification Workshop for Burning Man and Beyond

Have a Burning Man bike idea you want to build? Want to modify or improve an existing bike, trike or mutant vehicle but need help? Come on down to our bike building workshop!

Experienced bike builders will be on hand to help you plan out, design and build your awesome playa pedal powered transportation!

Design and fabrication work will be on an hourly rate sliding scale depending on each project. Come with you project idea, materials (if you have them) and an idea of what your budget is and our instructors will help you build the bike of your dreams! Prices will vary according to project.

Some ideas include:

- building a custom tall bike

- building a shade structure for your bike or trike

- adding a cart or extra seat to your bike

- fixing or improving the components of your existing bike

- ... And anything else you can dream up!

Our instructors can help you with bike mechanics, welding and other fabrication needed for your project!

If you have a question email it to Dawn and Bob at