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Drawing Lines on Metal With a Little Toolmaking on the Side ($120)


We’ll be using the Flex Shaft rotary tool and the Dremel Engraver to draw lines and patterns in various metals. We’ll make small texturing and chasing tools with steel nails and learn proper stamping with our new steel tools.
Then we will go over good polishing techniques for the metals jeweler.

You may be able to finish a final piece by the end of the day however this is a technique class and we’ll be practicing how to use these tools, cutting the metal with a bench shear and sawing the metal, annealing metal, filing, sanding, drawing a pattern, mechanized engraving, adding a patina and polishing.

There is a $10 student kit fee that is built into the pricing of the class. In addition to the kit, students are responsible for bringing the materials listed bellow.

Date: July 30th
Length: 7 hours, 10 AM - 5 PM
Class level: Beginner to Intermediate, All ages welcome
Class Size: 9
Materials Required:

  • Dremel engraving tool - @ $16 - 24.  They can be found on Amazon, eBay, and at Friedman’s, Home Depot, Walmart.  They come with a pointed bit perfect for this application and other drill bits fit into them.
  • A couple of small needle files, flat and rounded
  • A fine point sharpie in a dark color
  • A jeweler’s saw if you have one with some #2 saw blades
  • Metal, 18 gauge thick and approximately 4x4 inches each of brass and copper, sterling silver is optional and would be used for the final project of the day after you’ve had some practice drawing. See sizing chart bellow for sizes for a bracelet. 
  • Notebook, pen and pencil
  • Face mask from the hardware store
  • Eye protection/safety goggles 
  • Some ideas and drawings or doodles of what you would like to depict on your piece.  Keep it relatively simple.  We will want some empty spaces that can be filled with texturing and our stamping tools.  Sharing of the stamping tools in class is encouraged.  We’ll create some samplers with the drill bit options and stamping tools we make.
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