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Reveal.js and Custom Element

Welcome to NorCal.JS! 

Please join us for a series of awesome talks relevant to JavaScript developers, from beginner to expert!

Reveal.js by Garrick Lee

Reveal is a presentation application built with JS. Reveal can be used by JS beginners and experts alike in making slick browser-based presentations.

Custom Elements by Noah Freitas

Custom elements are a foundational piece of native web components in the browser platform.  They allow you to encapsulate functionality and build complex UIs with reusable, composable pieces--backed by ES6 classes.  Learn how to start using them today via a polyfill.


After a hiatus, NorCal.JS is back with a new name and under new sponsorship! There is a lot happening in the JS world, so we have a lot to discuss. 

Our agenda will be:

- Group updates

- Jobs/looking for work announcements

- General JS news

- Talks

- Plan next meeting date and topics

- Breakout socializing!

Come on down, don't be shy!


We depend on our members to give presentations, so please consider raising your hand to give a talk at one of our next meetups! You don't have to be an expert to give a talk, just passionate about something JavaScript related! We are a friendly, accepting group, so don't be shy :D

Earlier Event: October 6
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Later Event: October 15
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