Nonprofit Community Arts & Makerspace in Sebastopol, CA.

About Chimera

Chimera is Sonoma County's first non-profit community arts and makerspace (or hackerspace), located in downtown Sebastopol at the old Ford Garage building. We're a community of makers, artists, engineers and creatives of all types who love to share, learn and work together. Welcome!

We are located in a 3,000 sq.ft. facility with 4,000 sq.ft. exterior space at 6791 Sebastopol Ave. Suite #180 in downtown Sebastopol. Go to our contact page to find our space and get in touch!

Our facility includes space and tools for electronics, jewelry, 3D printing, laser cutting, metalworking, welding, crafts/textiles, woodworking and more!

 Virtual tour when Chimera first opened (note, a lot has changed since this tour was made!)

Virtual tour when Chimera first opened (note, a lot has changed since this tour was made!)

Tools & Equipment

Below is a list of some of the awesome tools and equipment we have at Chimera:

  • 3D printers – Lulzbot TAZ 3 and 4 (1'x1' bed), 4 Ultimaker v1, 2 Printrbot Simple Metals
  • Laser cutter  100 watts, cuts up to 4'x3' and up to 1/2" plastic/wood/leather/paper
  • Metalworking – MIG welder, angle grinder, portable bandsaw, horizontal bandsaw, metal brake
  • Woodworking – table saw, chop saw, wood lathe, bandsaw, jointer, planer, routers, sanders, shaper, drill press, chisels, other hand tools
  • Design software – the full Autodesk Suite including AutoCAD and Fusion 360 and the full Adobe suite including Photoshop and Illustrator and multiple computer work stations
  • Jewelry studio – Soldering and brazing station, rolling mill, flex shafts, ring/bracelet mandrills, dapping and forming tools, pickle pots, many hand tools (hand saws, files, pliers, etc) and a lot more!
  • Electronics lab – Oscilloscope, soldering iron, power supplies, breadboards, test equipment, lots of components
  • Textiles – sewing machines, knitting and sewing supplies
  • Other craft supplies and tools – stained glass, paint brushes and paint, color pencils and pens, etc
  • Open work tables – Computer monitors, keyboards, mice
  • Machining – metal lathe (coming soon: Bridgeport mill)
  • Benchtop CNC mill – With approx 12" square cutting area (currently out of commission, stay tuned!)
  • Fast wifi, laser printer, office supplies, kitchenette and more...
  • Hand tools, project supplies and more...


We aim to provide resources, education and community to creative people in Sonoma County and California’s North Bay.


Chimera Arts & Maker Space brings access to equipment, supplies, space and education for artists, makers, hackers, inventors and creative people of all types. We strive to positively influence the arts and maker communities in Sonoma County, California.

Chimera believes that by keeping talented people in the North Bay, Sonoma County will become a more vibrant, modern and competitive region as a whole. We are working to engage with people of all ages to show them new, innovative forms of expression and creation.

We give people new, relevant skills and experience for a changing world by encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.

Chimera is creating a thriving and diverse community of creative people that will have a profound impact on Sonoma County.


In The Press

Chimera’s been lucky enough to be featured in a variety of publications, including the following:

Our Staff

Kevin Bacon

Executive Director

Kevin Bacon is the Executive Director of Chimera Arts and Maker Space in Sebastopol CA.  He began his foray into making in 2011 when he and the SRJC team, Geometer Insecta, won the Make Magazine award at the Great Annual Handcar Regatta, in Santa Rosa.  Kevin has a BFA from UC Berkeley with an emphasis in Intaglio Printmaking and has worked in set design, digital illustration, graphic design--both in-house and freelance-- and the world of custom, fine, laser engraving.

Our Board

Joe Szuecs


Joe started his career as an electrical engineer/software developer at Hewlett Packard.  After a decade there, he went off on his own and developed a line of music education software followed by a few years of creating multimedia CD-ROM experiences for major publishers.  That led to him being asked to become EVP of Technology for a dot com startup back when that was the thing to do.  After a few years of that he relocated to bucolic Sonoma County and started exploring the world of hands-on making.  This led to him creating the gallery/retail space Renga Arts that showcased products made from reclaimed and recycled materials.  Along with that, he still managed to engage in software development projects as well as build cool things for the shop.  During this time he became involved with the Maker Faire team and dove into the world of microcontrollers, CNC machines, and creative technologies.  He has created numerous exhibits and installations for Maker Faire Bay Area and the World Maker Faire in NYC over the past decade.

Ariel Stone

Facilities Manager

Ariel started making at a very early age. His dad was a builder so, had material
resources to make what I wanted. He didn't always have the tools to make what was
wanted so learned to improvise. Scouting gave him the opportunity to get out of the city
and achieve an Eagle Scout award. Learned to turn wood on a spring pole treadle lathe,
the beginning of a life long passion. Studied marine biology in college. Lived and
worked a year on a Kibbutz in Israel, was the only person in the community who knew
how to work with wood. Apprenticed as a journeyman carpenter building custom homes
and commercial buildings. Got married raised three kids. Went through the process of
licensing to contract my own jobs. Built custom homes for many years. Opened a
cabinet shop to create cabinets, furniture and fixtures. Big changes in life began
working in the ropes challenge course industry, building, inspecting and facilitating
courses in the USA and abroad. Three kids turned into five grand kids, Wow. Teaching
is a way of life for him now and would like to find a pathway to bring people together and
share the many skills that he has learned over the years to create a better future for all.
Woodworking skills:
Lathe work wood and metal, Cabinetmaking, Furniture design and creating, Milling,
Planing and execution.
Breaking through self imposed limitations
FUNN functional understanding not necessary

A more detailed bio for Ariel is coming soon.



Dana Woodman


Dana founded Chimera Art Space in early 2012 as a place to bring talented, creative and innovative people in the North Bay together. He has worked as a software consultant and serial entrepreneur for nearly a decade working with companies including Google and Comcast and founding multiple companies. Dana builds interactive art sculptures, furniture, and other artwork using woodworking, metalworking, 3D printing, laser cutting, electrics and CNC machining. He studied fine art at the University of the Pacific and loves traveling, the outdoors and kittens 😸.

You can email Dana at, visit his personal website or his company, Built By BIG.

Jim Wheaton


Jim has worked in the computer software world his whole life. Mostly he concentrates on audio and music applications, having worked as a consultant for many companies and for Yamaha Music Technologies, Mixman Technologies, and most recently, Audible Magic Corp. His own company, Harmonic Systems, Inc. produces software products for fun and profit.

He has lived in Sebastopol for 13 years and is an active bass guitarist. He enjoys fixing old instruments and finding new homes for them, as well as inventing gizmos and gadgets. He very happy to have found a group of smart, creative, and friendly folks who call themselves Chimera.

You can visit his web site:, or contact him at

Caleb Adam Haye

Caleb Adam Haye has been developing software professionally since 1997. He now works full time as Principal of Fire, Inc., a software development consulting company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Caleb formed Fire in 2005, moved the company to Sebastopol in 2008, and since has built web and mobile apps for companies like Google, Apple, Intuit, Netflix, Yahoo!, Visa, Genentech, and Adobe. As a former Yahoo! employee, he was the initial member of the Yahoo! Media Innovation Group, pushing the boundaries of rich Internet and client media software on a variety of content delivery platforms.  While at Yahoo!, Caleb also was on the winning team for Yahoo's inaugural Hack Day. Caleb taught as a professor at the Academy of Art Graduate School of New Media, and has worked with and in some of the world’s most respected research laboratories, including Google Creative Labs, IDEO, and Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.

Caleb builds interactive art sculptures and is mentored by Macarthur Genius Grant recipient Ned Kahn.  Caleb's artwork has won awards at Maker Faire, and he currently has 3 works on display throughout Sonoma County, with another in the works.

When he's not working or making things, Caleb enjoys playing & coaching basketball, biking, fishing, and spending time with his daughter (10) and son (3).